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Status Quo Chaos

Charles Bradley, Golden Plains ‘14
A boot aloft at Golden Plains is the ultimate indication of audience approval.
Hey, cutie.
My beautiful Laundrette
Moa: Misogyny not yet extinct

Image: Moa IPO

The Advertising Standards Complaints Board’s dubbing of Geoff Ross’ infamous 42 Below ad as “extremely damaging to the liquor industry as a whole” seems an unlikely endorsement for any member of the marketing or liquor industry. Yet it seemed to be exactly the credentials the former Saatchi and Saatchi employee needed for the top spot at Kiwi craft beer giant, Moa.

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There’s a street light flashing on Aro Street. The intermittent illumination of the pavement gives an eerie feeling, as though some wizard might be lurking behind a lamp-post ready to snuff out the street’s mysterious yellow glow for covert magical affairs. Or, at least, such a scenario is pleasantly easy to imagine walking home alone at 03:49 on an either impressively late Wednesday night or unsanctimoniously early Thursday morning. Certainly not a time for any respectable human activity. Which explains why I’m out.

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